LCC provides consulting sessions and presentations to empower collegiate and professional SWE sections and affiliates. Promoting section vitality is the primary goal of the LCC. The intended audience for material delivered by trained Leadership Coaches is categorized into collegiate, professional, and joint (appropriate for collegiates and professionals). Topic areas for LCC modules include SWE knowledge, section development, and person al growth. The objectives of each module are listed below.

Consulting is flexible and can focus on anything you need to support section vitality. If requested a Subject Matter Expert can be located to help. Here are some examples:
  • Virtual or in-person meeting to discuss and/or create an action plan for a section need
  • Coach attends an Executive Council Meeting or Officer Training to advise leaders
  • Check-in with a coach periodically throughout the year to review section goals and needs
  • Other support that focuses on a module topic or section challenge as needed

Joint Focused Modules

Active Listening
  • Recognize what may affect your ability to successfully be an active listener.
  • Realize the benefits of being an active listener.
  • Know how to be an effective active listener.
Building Membership
  • Recognize the membership cycle.
  • Recite your value statement.
  • Describe ways to target new members and to retain members.
  • Explain how to create a membership plan.
Building Teams
Also refer to “Leadership Fundamentals Module 4 – Leading Teams” within the Advance Learning Center.
  • Recognize the difference between a team and a group.
  • Understand the phases of team development.
  • Identify successful teamwork strategies.
  • Assess desired traits for members of your team.
Conflict Resolution
  • Understand the types and styles of conflicts.
  • Be familiar with conflict resolution techniques.
  • Explain the various steps to resolving conflict. Resolution
Creative Problem Solving
  • Understand four main methods used in creative problem solving:
    • Brainstorming
    • Reframing
    • Concept Fan
    • Parallel Thinking
  • Apply these methods to creative problem solving after practicing each one.
Dealing with Leadership Burnout
  • Recognize signs indicating potential burnout.
  • Describe our joint knowledge of effective solutions.
  • Identify concrete ideas to help you manage burnout.
Effective Communication
Also refer to “Leadership Fundamentals Module 2 – Communication Styles” within the Advanced Learning Center.
  • Recognize the differences between effective and ineffective communication habits.
  • Apply active listening skills in your daily lives.
  • Appreciate the importance of non-verbal communication
  • Understand electronic communication etiquette.
  • Identify and remove barriers to effective communication.
Knowledge of SWE
  • Answer the question…What is the value of my SWE Membership?
  • Identify
    • The Mission and Goals of the Society
    • SWE Organization at the Society, Regional and Section levels
    • Recognize member benefits and opportunities
    • Identify section requirements
  • Identify the characteristics of an effective leader.
  • Apply different leadership styles to the situation you are facing.
  • Assess your own leadership style tendencies.
  • Effective communicate with the team you are leading.
New Section Officer Training
  • Identify section leadership roles and responsibilities.
  • Recognize the overall SWE management structure.
  • Familiarize your section’s officers with governance documents and procedures.
  • Understand the resources available to help your section.
Managing Effective Meetings
  • Identify the characteristics of a good meeting.
  • Prepare for effective meetings.
  • Create useful meeting minutes.
  • Recognize the leadership skills necessary to running an effective meeting.
  • Understand the importance of mentoring in the context of SWE.
  • Create successful mentoring relationships through:
    • Expectations Setting
    • Conversation Starters
    • Assessment
    • Closure
  • Recognize the SWE leadership pipeline and examples of SWE career paths.
Publicity for Your SWE Section
  • Recognize the differences of communication used in internal and external publicity.
  • Apply effective communication in…
    • Internal Publicity (Newsletter, distribution lists, phone tree, personal contact)
    • External Publicity (Web page, social media, public relations)
Spanning Different Generations
  • Determine what defines a particular generation.
  • Appreciate the differences among the generations.
  • Develop strategies for effectively communicating, managing, and working with different generations.
Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Recognize the importance of organizations using a planning process
  • Identify the difference between strategic and tactical planning
  • Explain how and when to write the various parts of a strategic plan for your SWE section
  • Explain how and when to write the various parts of a tactical plan for your SWE section
SWE Section Administration and Operation
  • List the essential minimum section requirements.
  • Identify funding and booking basics for managing your sections finances.
  • Understand section bylaws and other important governance documents.
  • Prepared to run an effective meeting for your section and its officers.

Collegiate Focused Modules

Event Planning and Advertising
  • Recognize the different aspects of event planning to ensure a successful event.
  • Learn helpful hints to planning events.
  • Understand the importance of advertising.
Fund Development for Collegiate Sections
  • Investigate your section’s current fundraising opportunities and plans
  • Understand the process for planning a fundraising event.
  • Develop and maintain donor relationships.
  • Recognize the key items to include in a SWE information packet for donors.
  • Explain the fund development cycle.
Hit the Ground Running
  • Recognize how to transition from a fantastic student in to a savvy employee.
  • Be familiar with appropriate work place behavior, etiquette, and attire.
  • Identify what is needed to be successful in the working world.
Women in Engineering
  • Have an idea of the demographics of women in engineering
  • Learn best practices to connect with other women in engineering
  • Hear from current women engineers about their experiences

Professional Focused Modules
Challenges of Geographically Large SWE Sections
  • Recognize special challenges in:
    • Membership recruitment and retention
    • Programs
    • Motivation of leaders
  • Understand how to best motivate SWE members and volunteers.
  • Create a list of best practices for large SWE sections
Being an Inclusive Organization
  • Identify the characteristics of an inclusive organization.
  • Define the importance and benefits of diversity in your organization.
  • Develop strategies for eliminating bias in your organization.
Fund Development for Professional Sections
  • Understand the importance of planning for successful fundraising.
  • Examine the state of your section’s fund development through self-reflection questions.
  • Explain the fund development cycle.
  • Recognize the key steps to building a corporate fundraising database and to applying for grants.
Professionalism in Your SWE Section
  • Understand ethics in SWE including code of conduct and conflict of interest.
  • Explain your role as an agent of SWE which involves protecting the SWE brand.
  • Recognize the keys to professionalism in all aspects of SWE communication.
SWE Succession and Career Planning
  • Understand the benefits of succession planning for your SWE group.
  • Explain the 8-step approach to succession planning.
  • Recognize the key to planning your individual SWE career.
  • Identify the SWE leadership pipeline.

***Retired Modules***

SWE Leadership Coaches can still consult and lead facilitated discussions on the follow topics, but the official LCC modules listed below have been retired.  Some of the retired module topics are covered in new elearning modules/webinar on SWE’s Advanced Learning Center, and the links to those elearning modules/webinars are also provided below.

Raising SWE Awareness in Your Community – search for “Advocacy 101” within the Advanced Learning Center.


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