Committee Leadership

Interested in contact a specific person for more information? Please see the following for specific people to contact within the Leadership Coaching Committee Leadership.

LCC Chair: Heather Wiest,
LCC Chair-Elect: Elizabeth Hurley,

Collaboration Lead: Heidi Otten,
Content Lead: Rachel (Beck) Tranel,
Section Startup Lead: Darcie Maffioli,
Subject Matter Export Lead: Adriana (Aguilar) Porter,

Region A/J Team Lead: Lindsay Kammeier, or
Region B Team Lead: Jen Tibble,
Region C/D Team Lead: Sarvenaz Myslicki, or
Region E Team Lead: Sue Parsons,
Region F Team Lead: Leslie Griffiths,
Region G Team Lead: Samantha Peters,
Region H Team Lead: Kimberly Miller,
Region I Team Lead: Abigail Wendt,
MAL Team Lead: Debbie Jacklitch-Kuiken,

We look forward to hearing from you!

– The LCC Team


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