Frequently Asked Questions

Here are responses to some frequently asked questions. Of course, if you have any questions that aren’t covered below, please reach us through our Contact Us page.

Where can I find information on LCC Modules?

At the top of the screen, you’ll see the tab titled Modules Here, we listed all LCC collegiate, professional, and joint focused modules with their learning objectives. If you think your section could benefit from any of the modules, please go to our Contact Us page, and submit a request! We’ll be happy to start working with you.

How do I know which Module would be best for my section?

Take a look at your officer core, or even your general membership, and see where you excel and where you could improve. If everyone in your section gets along great, but there just aren’t very many members, maybe think about Building Membership. If you have a lot of members, but lack a sense of direction, consider Strategic and Tactical Planning. Are you having trouble fundraising/getting sponsorship for events?  The Fund Development module may be appropriate for your Section. Take a look at the other modules on the Modules page for more information.

How do I know which LCC Coach I’ll be working with?

Each SWE section has an assigned LCC coach who will make contact your Section in the first quarter of each fiscal year.  If you haven’t heard from your LCC coach, please reach out to us on our Contact Us page.  Typically, coaches are assigned to Sections that are geographically close to where they live.  Check out the map on the About LCC page to see the LCC coaches nearest you!

Can I have LCC Coaches visit my section more than once a year?

Yes! We can certainly do that, provided our budget isn’t thinning. If there are multiple sessions you could benefit from, we would like to make it so we can visit you once, then we can do the next session via webinar or video chat.

What is a Leadership Summit?

A Leadership Summit is an event, typically involving multiple sections in your area with coaches presenting multiple modules in a single day. These are usually all day events, and can incorporate the professional section in your area- for example, having a speed mentoring session for asking questions about what it’s like in the engineering workforce, how they manage work-life balance, and the projects they’ve worked on. The leadership summits can be  professional focused, collegiate focused or both.

How does virtual training work?

Virtual training can be done over Google Hangout, Skype, or any other video-chat forum. This method of training allows for the sessions to be at more convenient times for collegiate members and the coaches, and allows for more flexibility. There are modules that it works better and worse for, so be sure to talk to your coach about whether the session would be good or not. For example- Building Teams would be difficult to do remotely, however can be done with dedication from the president/vp if so desired; or Fund Raising and Advertising would be well suited for virtual training, because there are more discussion based activities for that module.

My section has members, but we’re not national SWE members. What does this affect?

There are a lot of benefits to being a SWE member, and one of those is to have access to the resources, such as the LCC, career/interview postings, scholarships, professional networks, webinars, and much more. If you aren’t a SWE member, please contact us and find out more reasons why it’s a great decision to become one. We are here to help, and the collegiate membership is very affordable!


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