Collegiate Support from SWE Leadership Coaches and Faculty Advisors and Professional Counselors, oh my!

By Leadership Coach and Collaboration Lead, Heidi Otten

Collegiate sections have access to a wealth of support from professional SWE members who have volunteered for one of three positions: Faculty Advisor, Professional Counselor, and SWE Leadership Coach. Each of these positions is dedicated to supporting and mentoring collegiate section leaders and members.

Having several support options from different parts of the SWE professional community can be confusing for collegiate section leaders. Therefore, the infographic below has been developed to help all SWE members understand the differences and similarities of these three positions.  A pdf version of this inforgraphic can be found here.
Collegiate Section Support 3_20_18-page-001

In the end, all three of these positions are dedicated to helping collegiate sections achieve their goals and to providing guidance in the smooth transition of collegiate members to the professional world. With collaboration and each position filling the intended role, a collegiate section can feel fully supported and have the resources it needs to be successful.

If you have any questions about the SWE support opportunities that are provided by the SWE Leadership Coaching Committee, please reach out by email to LCC-Chair@swe.org!

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