Apply for LCC Lead positions by May 15!

To support the Governance Update and to continuously improve the committee, the LCC has created three new lead positions – collaboration, content, and subject matter expert (SME).  These positions are roughly defined by the lists of general tasks below.  However, we need self-driven, organized, and creative individuals who can successfully develop the roles and responsibilities of these positions!  SWE members who are not currently on the LCC are encouraged to apply.  The application is due by May 15.  If you have any questions about these positions, please reach out to FY17 Chair Cassi Janakos or Chair-Elect Heather Wiest.

  • Lead collaboration with other groups within SWE to make sure we’re on same page.
  • Communicate with Committees: Finance, Membership, Bylaws, Outreach.
  • Communicate with Coordinators: Counselor/Faculty Advisor, SWEFL, GradSWE.
  • Update, manage and create LCC content, including the Vitality Assessment.
  • Ensure SWE Advanced Learning Center is up to date and work with HQ staff.
  • Work with Curriculum Committee as a liaison.
  • Help with summer webinars, WE Local, and Society Conference as needed.

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

  • Provide SME training within LCC.
  • Communicate SME expertise and services within LCC and in SWE.
  • Lead SME vetting and selection process.
  • Develop and maintain SME areas of expertise.

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