Learn more about the LCC Chair-Elect position! Applications due April 1.

We know you’re all dying to know – what does Heather Wiest actually do as LCC Chair-Elect?!?  She’s here to tell you!

How long have you been a part of the LCC?2016-10-29 12.22.11

I started as an LCC coach wayyy back in FY12.  I had just graduated from undergrad and wanted to become more involved with SWE as I transitioned to grad school!  In FY13, I became Team Lead of the Region H coaches and stayed in that role until I was selected to be the FY17 LCC Chair-Elect.

What are your primary tasks as LCC Chair-Elect?

My primary tasks include compiling monthly updates from the LCC Team Leads, managing the communications sub-committee, and assisting the LCC Chair Cassi Janakos with any special projects that arise throughout the fiscal year.  The communications sub-committee manages content for the LCC Facebook, LinkedIn, and blog pages (and we’re always looking for volunteers #shamelessplug).

What special projects have been assigned to you this year?

I am participating on the Governance Taskforce to help determine how the LCC’s role will transform with the Society’s Governance Update (click here if you would like more information on the SWE Governance Update).  It’s very exciting to see how SWE is improving and growing!  There’s been a lot of spin off work for the LCC as we support the Governance Update including restructuring the committee and developing the roles, responsibilities, and documentation for that restructuring.  I’ve also helped manage updates to our LCC modules, working with SWE headquarters to better our materials.

What is your favorite part of being the LCC Chair-Elect?

Even though I do miss visiting sections for coaching/consulting sessions, I love getting to see the inner workings of our committee.  There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes conversations with our Board of Directors representative Karen Roth, SWE headquarters, and other Society leaders to ensure that sections receive the support they need from the LCC!  I’ve learn a ton about SWE and the large role our committee plays!

Do you have suggestions for coaches who would like to become LCC Chair-Elect?

Become involved – not only in the LCC but with SWE in general!  We’re really looking for someone who takes initiative, communicates effectively, is passionate about supporting sections, and has a wide range of SWE knowledge and experience.

Please email Heather if you have any questions about the LCC Chair-Elect role!  Applications for LCC Chair-Elect are due April 1.




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